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What is time?

Alan Alda asks scientists to explain: What’s time?9 News
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Fifth graders judge worldwide science competitionNews 4 KRNV Reno
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The 2013 Flame Challenge Question: What is time? – Jeanne Garbarino, Double X Science

Flame Challenge 2012: It’s time to tackle time – Ellen Yan,

Quick, What Is Time? – Kenneth Chang, The New York Times

Clock Ticking Down on ‘What is Time’ Contest – Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times

Alan Alda & Time: Actor Teaches At Stony Brook, Asks Scientists To Explain Time – Frank Eltman, The Huffington Post/ The Associated Press

Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Explain: What Is Time? – Adrian Cho, Science Insider

Alan Alda asks scientists to explain: What’s time? – Frank Eltman, The Associated Press. This article was featured in over 60 publications internationally including the Boston Globe, the Washington Times, MSN and ABC News 4.

Want More Science Graduates? Here’s How – Blaire Briody, The Fiscal Times

Alan Alda’s Challenge to ScientistsVOA Science World

Am I Making Myself Clear – Alan Alda, Soapbox Science,

Out of the Comfort Zone and into the Fire–How Taking the Flame Challenge Can Change Your Life – Christine O’Connell, Scientific American

It’s about time: Retired Livermore lab engineer wins international “Flame Challenge” competition
– Jeremy Thomas, Contra Costa Times

Flame Challenge 2013
The Stochastic Scientist

2013 Flame Challenge Winner
– World Science Festival

Flame Contest Explains Time to ChildrenLaboratory Equiptment

The Flame Challenge Results: Clear Communication Wins – Sarah Lichtner, Nexight Group

What is a Flame?

“Alan Alda is Trying to Find the Next Carl Sagan” — Miles O’Brien, PBS Newshour

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ABC World News with Diane Sawyer featured Alan Alda on March 23rd:

Alan Alda issues challenge to scientists“, Newsday, Long Island

“Explain the flame: Quantum physicist who went to Truman High wins science challenge” — Roxie Hammill, The Kansas City Star 

“Flame Challenge brings science to kids and beyond” — Daniel Dunaief, Village Times Record

“The Flame Challenge – Communicating Science”Physics Frontline

“In Winning Definition of ‘Flame,’ Jargon Melts Away” — Kenneth Chang, The New York Times

“Winning Entry in ‘What is a Flame’ Contest” — Andrew Revkin, Dot Earth blog, The New York Times

“Fiery flick wins the Flame Challenge” — Alan Boyle, Cosmic Log on

“Alan Alda Asks, ‘What is a Flame’?”— Andrew Revkin, Dot Earth blog, The New York Times

“Alan Alda offers scientists ‘The Flame Challenge’ for kids” USA Today

“Take the Flame Challenge”The Loom blog on Discover Magazine

“In Love with Alan Alda”— Deborah Heiligman on the Interesting Nonfiction for Kids (I.N.K.) blog

NPR Science Friday, hosted by Ira Flatow

The New York Times                  Newsday