FAQs for Teachers

What if my class has students who are 10, 11 and 12? Should I only allow the 11-year-olds to participate as judges?

No – feel free to let all students in grades 5 or 6 participate.

Do you allow home-schools to judge?

Yes, as long as the students are working as part of a team. We don’t want anyone working alone on this, but if there is a group of home-schoolers (ages 10-12) working together, have one representative register your group as a “judging school” and you will be in the loop to receive and judge entries.

Is this contest only open to scientists and student judges in the US?

No – we have entries and student judges from all over the world! The only criterion is that entries must be in written/reviewed in English.

Do the 11-year-old judges have to be from the US?

No – we have judges from all over the world!

How do I sign my class up to judge?

Click here to register.

Is it all right for our school to set up our own rubric to judge the entries?

No. All judging is standardized and we have developed a simple form for students to fill out and return to their teacher. If you have suggestions for changes to next year’s form please email those to us for consideration in upcoming challenges.

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