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What should next year’s Flame Challenge question be?

What question would you like to see answered by hundreds of scientist from around the world for this year’s Flame Challenge? How do scientists make discoveries? What is sleep? What is electricity? What is wind? What are germs? Stay tuned! We will be announcing the question in early December.

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Teachers, register your students to vote on next year’s Flame Challenge here. Student judging on next year’s question will be from mid-February through mid-April. Click here to see the timeline for the Flame Challenge.

flame-logo-with-sponsors-320x378What is Color?

Congratulations to our 2014 Flame Challenge Winners! The written category winner, Melanie Golob, is from Olympia, Washington, and the visual category winner, Dianna Cowern, is from San Diego, California. Hundreds of scientists tackled last year’s question, “What is color?” and over 27,000 11-year-olds from around the world reviewed and critiqued their entries. Enjoy the live-stream of the World Science Festival awards ceremony, hosted by Alan Alda, and meet the winners and hear a little bit about what influenced their entries.