About the Challenge

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Scientists: Submit your entries by March 1, 2014

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Teachers: Register for the 2014 Flame Challenge

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How It Works

After screening for scientific accuracy, the entries are judged by thousands of 11-year-olds in schools around the world. The winning scientists are brought to New York to be honored in June at the World Science Festival. Entries can be written, video or graphic. For rules and other information, see the links at the right.

The Flame Challenge began two years ago with Alan Alda’s childhood query: What is a flame?

“When I asked what a flame was at the age of 11,” Alan said, “I was probably younger in some ways than most 11-year-olds are now.” He said the kids asked a very deep question last year (“What is Time?), and that it was fun to see how scientists around the world answered “that one” in everyday language.

Alan’s Message to Scientists
Alan’s Message to Student Judges

Scenes From Previous Challenges

To give you a sense of the fun and excitement of the Flame Challenge, here is a video snapshot of a previous contest.

What is Time?: Meet the Winners

The winners of the 2013 Flame Challenge were revealed at a special event at the World Science Festival. Enjoy the live-stream of the awards ceremony hosted by Alan Alda, meet the winners and hear a little bit about what influenced their entries. Read (or watch) the winning entries


Many thanks to our Flame Challenge sponsors, the American Chemical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), two nonprofit organizations working to improve communication of science.