It’s been fantastic. I had incredibly high expectations and they’ve been exceeded.
– Michael Turner, president of the American Physical Society and director of the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago, after hosting an Alda Center workshop

If you want or need to share your work with others in any context, these courses are indispensable. After I took Improvisation for Scientists, public speaking became much less intimidating to me and I was actually listening to my audience… With these things in mind, I recently gave a successful talk at a conference to over 100 people.
– Kimberly Bell, PhD

It is astonishing the level of self-awareness one achieves in a short amount of time during the Improv sessions. It is even more remarkable how that then impacts how one relates to the audience, even for someone like myself who has been giving scientific presentations for decades.
– James J. Manfredi, Professor, Department of Oncological Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

As someone who has taken multiple center for communicating science courses, I feel that they provide a great service to the graduate student body. It has expanded the breadth of my communication skills, which has helped me connect not only with my peers, but also with non-scientists. It is beyond rewarding and encouraging when puzzled looks are replaced with genuine appreciation of the importance of the science you’re working on. These are skills that will complement my career well beyond my graduate school tenure.
– Tomasz Bakowski, PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and vice president of the Graduate Student Organization