Testimonials from Medical Professionals


Testimonials First Year Med R“The course was different than our clinical stimulations because we practice with trained patients who know exactly what to say and how to react to our statements and they never seem confused or question why we are asking unrelated questions to their chief complaint…in the improv sessions I quickly realized that not only do I have to ask the right questions, but also I have to explain to the patient why I am asking those seemingly unrelated questions…”

Testimonials First Year Med R“Improv and the class overall has impacted my studying and view of my other classes because I was so focused on the science/vocab all the time that I forgot how it felt not to know, and trying to explain in simple terms via improv on the spot really challenged my ability to communicate.”

Testimonials PhD Nursing

“Served to reinforce the importance of “distilling” my message in a way that’s easy to digest.”

Testimonials Second Year Med

“It’s a refreshing perspective on our training . . . and it has helped me in terms of practicing my public speaking and also has served as therapy in some ways.”


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