Science on Tap

A scientist walks into a bar, sits down with a former producer of 60 Minutes, orders a beer and talks to a live audience. No punch line here! This is Science on Tap, a live, award-winning show and web series produced by Stony Brook University’s Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.

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Stress, Can You Handle It? with guest Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Parodi

Event Details:

Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, director of the Laboratory for Computational Neurodiagnostics, spoke with host and former “60 Minutes” producer, Steven Reiner, about her unusual way of measuring stress–she has volunteers jump out of an airplane. She explained how the emotional stress these novice skydivers experience allowed her to find out how the brain’s internal chatter regulates our response to fearful situations and allows her to distinguish between someone who’s brave and another who’s foolishly reckless.

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