Flame Challenge Honorable Mentions

The Flame Challenge this year received hundreds of applicants from across the globe. While our 11-year-old student judges narrowed the entries down to three written and three visual finalists, there were some entries we just couldn’t ignore. Our honorable mentions include two written and two video entries we thought were too good not to share.

The first video, Entry 708, came to us all the way from Queensland Australia, and is this year’s editors’ pick. It ranked in the top five of all our video entries. The video was created by Rohan Kapitany, an Australian PhD candidate studying psychology, and includes some really great scenery footage and explanations of the way light is reflected and absorbed. Rohan has been involved in science communication for a while now and works with a team to produce a psychology-themed podcast and actively promotes the spread of scientific knowledge on public radio and through blogging.

Another of our honorable mention picks comes to us from an Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science student. Sara Hugentobler’s written entry caught our attention for it’s explanation of how the visible light spectrum works. Sara is a masters student in Marine Conservation and Policy at Stony Brook University and has taken courses through the Alda Center to improve her communication skills.

These are a few more honorable mention entries you can see here.

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