The Alan Alda Center Affiliates Network

From left, Christine O’Connell and Michael Spikes (Alda Center), Carol Terregino (Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), Dominick Fantacone and Angela Pagone (SUNY Cortland), Alan Alda, Kristina Horn Sheeler (IUPUI), Lorna Wong (University of Chicago), Laura Lindenfeld and Carmedy West (University of Maine), Doug Dollemore (American Chemical Society), Valeri Lantz-Gefroh (Alda Center), Suzanne Sarfaty (Boston University Medical School), Liz Bass and Evonne Kaplan-Liss (Alda Center).

The Alan Alda Center is building a collaborative network of affiliated science communication programs to share materials, curriculum, best practices and lessons learned. For affiliates, the Center also hosts an annual meeting, creates new instructional materials, can consult on strategy, provides train-the-trainer activities and maintains the Alda-Kavli Learning Center. Here are the members of the Alda Center’s affiliate network, with contact people for each affiliate.

American Chemical Society – Washington D.C.

Doug Dollemore
Senior science writer at the American Chemical Society

Nancy Blount
Assistant Director, Office of Public Affairs

Australian National University – Canberra, Australia

Dr. Will J Grant
Graduate Studies Convener | Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, the Australian National University

Boston University School of Medicine – Boston, MA

Suzanne C. (Suzy) Sarfaty, M.D.
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of the Office of Enrichment for the BU School of Medicine

Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Tamara McNealy
Associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, microbiology

Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH

Nancy Serrell
Director of science and technology outreach in the Office of the Provost

Indiana University School of Medicine/Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) – Indianapolis, IN

Krista Hoffmann-Longtin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Indiana University School of Medicine

Kristina Horn Sheeler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Communication Studies, IUPUI

Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine, Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

Carol A. Terregino, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Education

State University of New York at Cortland – Cortland, NY 

Angela Pagano, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Co-Coordinator of Adolescence Science Education

Dominick Fantacone
Lecturer in Biological Sciences

University of California San Diego – San Diego, California

Kim Rubinstein
Artistic Director

Steven Cassedy
Managing Director

University of Chicago Medical Center – Chicago, IL

Lorna Wong
Director, Media Relations, University of Chicago Medicine

University of Michigan Medical School – Ann Arbor, MI

David Fessell, M.D.
Professor of Radiology
University of Michigan Medical School

University of Oregon – Eugene, OR

Elly Vandegrift
Associate Director, Science Literacy Program
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

University of Rochester – Rochester, NY

Tracey Baas Tracey
Director of URBEST program

University of Texas at Austin – Moody College of Communication/Dell Medical School – Austin, TX

Jay Bernhardt, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Interim Dean, Moody College of Communication
Founding Director, Center for Health Communications at UT-Austin
Everett D. Collier Centennial Chair in Communication

Erin Donovan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Moody College of Communication

Robert Milman, M.D.
Senior Clinical Advisor, Center for Health Communication
Moody College of Communication

Sue Cox, M.D.
Executive Vice Dean of Academics and Chair of Medical Education, Dell Medical School

University of Texas System for its Transformation in Medical Education (TIME) Initiative – Galveston, TX

Steven A. Lieberman, M.D.
Co-Chair, UT System TIME Initiative
John P. McGovern Distinguished Chair in Oslerian Medicine, Senior Dean for Administration
Professor, Internal Medicine, UTMB School of Medicine

University of Vermont – Burlington, VT

Daniel J. Harvey
Assistant Dean of the Graduate College and Chief of Staff for VP for Research, Richard Galbraith

Lillian M. Gamache
Coordinator for UVM’s EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research)